Yes, they will arrive at your home to pack all the items that have to be moved, and they will deliver them to your new home safely. The movers will also unpack your things after they are unloaded in the destination.
It is anywhere between the time span of 3-5 hours when it comes to the pre-move survey. It can also take a huge time depending on the number of items that needs to be packed as well as moved.
For packing the items, every packers and movers uses water-proof boxes. They would also be using both foam and other materials that would be securing the item that would be using some additional tapes for sealing the box.
The total time consumption here can range from one to three hours as they all depends on the total number of items that are to be loaded.
The number of items that you wish to move along the total distance that is travelled here is on what the moving charges would depend on. The total cost depending on every factors would start from INR 3000 for intra-city to INR 6000 for inter-city.
  • Valuable items like laptops, jewelry, important documents, etc.
  • Essentials like toiletries, medications, extra pair of clothes, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Perishable food items which may get spoilt and ruin the other goods too
  • Hazardous liquids like fuel, motor oil, kerosene or other flammable liquids, etc.
  • Explosive and corrosive items like paints, paint diluter, batteries, etc.
It’s a well-known fact that the weekends are a favourite time for people to do all their work, including shifting homes. Also, rent agreements all over the country end during the month-end, so ex-tenants are expected to move out by the last day of the month. Because of all these reasons, the household shifting services in Ahmedabad are usually fully booked during the end of the week and month, so they’ll charge 2x the normal prices. Therefore, if you choose the best day to move, you can save a lot of time and money.
The movers work really hard to pack your life’s belongings and shift them safely to the destination. If you were satisfied with the service they provided, you can show them your appreciation by tipping them and recognizing their efforts. Whatever amount you tip them, it’ll make a big difference since they earn too little wages for the back-breaking work that they do. The amount that you want to tip the movers will depend on how much you are comfortable with; as a minimum amount, you can think of 100 – 150 per mover.
Moving companies offer insurance cover on all or partial household goods to safeguard them during transit from any unanticipated natural disasters, accidents, fire or theft. It’s not necessary to purchase insurance while shifting over short distances within same city; however, buying transit insurance is preferred while relocating home from Ahmedabad to other cities, due to high chance of damages during long-distance transport.

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